If you haven’t bought Tina Fey’s new #1 bestselling book yet, don’t wait! As soon as I read the NYTimes review a couple of weeks ago I placed my order (I know, very old-fashioned) and waited for the Wells Fargo wagon to deliver it. I was not disappointed. I read most of it on my train ride to and from DC this weekend. I didn’t laugh out loud, but I was grinning the whole time. She’s a powerful role model.

I adored everything about Bossypants, but the two biggest takeaways for me were the luck factor and the self-doubt piece. Every woman entrepreneur should read this book. Even though Tina Fey isn’t self-employed, what she describes, and the brilliance with which she articulates her stories, cuts right to the heart of anyone who puts herself on the line each day.

As someone who would like to attain more of a share of public attention, I look at Tina Fey as a huge success with a swift journey. In reading her book, it became crystal clear that this woman has paid her dues. This was a great reminder of how long it takes and how the stars need to line up to help you. Although I’d heard about her through Mean Girls, Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, it wasn’t until her Sarah Palin impersonations that she became a household name.

Now think about that. Can you control who’s going to run for Vice President of the United States AND bear a resemblance to you? Are you creative enough to make something like this up? I believe that there’s a greater force out there and our job is, as Tina Fey states, is to do the work we love. She loves her work and admits that she has her dream job. That’s the deal. You need to be following your bliss, your passion. Even though it might take a minor miracle, like resembling Sarah Palin, you’re still traveling the road that has your name on it.

The other piece, and I so totally love her honesty, is Tina Fey’s “ability to turn good news into anxiety [which] is rivaled only by my ability to turn anxiety into chin acne.”

Although I wrote recently about not comparing ourselves to others, it gave me heart to know that this icon is as insecure as I am.

If you’re not convinced yet, take it from one of the testimonials on the back cover:

“Totally worth it.” –Trees

P.S. Today’s fantasy: That Tina Fey will read this blog post and want to become my BFF.

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