I’m excited to be hosting my 17th Remarkable Women’s Network event this evening at Alfya’s Skin Care Salon in New Canaan. I met Alfya when she was a Master Aesthetician at Noelle, the Day Spa in Stamford. In Alfya’s trusted hands, I was transported from mom, business owner, carpool driver, etc. to GODDESS. For those 50 minutes in a darkened room with meditative music playing over the sound system, it was all about me.

Alfya went out on her own a couple of years ago, as many people did, following the economic downturn and transitions that accompanied it. I bumped into her and her husband at the Apple store in Stamford. She was learning how to build her own website. I’m inspired by her determination, hard work and courage. Renting real estate in New Canaan is not for sissies.

She’ll be accompanied tonight by 5 other experts who will offer re-freshing tips to all the attendees. I’ve had the benefit of being guided by each of these professionals myself, which is how I selected them. I’ve asked each of the pros to come up with three tips to offer attendees. Who doesn’t need a shot in the arm, a suggestion or some inspiration to change up ‘the way it’s always been around here?’ That’s what tonight is all about. A shot in the arm. A boost to the spirit. And a chance to connect with other women business owners who are open to growth.

Betsy Krobot, of BetsyK Home Choreography, will help the women tonight identify one thing they can easily do to begin the process of organizing their homes and offices. I’ll never forget when Betsy helped me transition from my art business to my coaching business. For starters, she moved all of my design books from one side of my studio to the other. All my business books were brought onto the recently vacated shelves. “This is where you want your focus now, Jane,” Betsy advised me. Eventually that space got filled, as did my coaching slots.

Scarlett DeBease will enlighten us on wardrobe and style changes we can make to touch up our looks. Here’s another woman who has radically changed my life. NEVER do I enter my closet any more with “I-have-nothing-to-wear” syndrome. Twice a year Scarlett consults with me, helps me play dress up and assembles dozens of combinations of outfits for all occasions. She documents them digitally so I have a notebook of what to wear. She’ll have a tip or three to share as well.

Liz Ball of TFI Envision oversaw my brand re-identification five years ago with professionalism and taste. Tonight she’ll help entrepreneurs curious about coordinating their brand identities with all the new social media constructs. “Do I need to include my facebook and twitter addresses on my business card?” I asked Liz. Come tonight for answers.

Tracy Boyce recently did a feng shui reading on my place. I’ve begun implementing the ‘cures’ she recommended and have to report a huge uptick in my business immediately thereafter. She’ll advise those gathered tonight on the wisdom of the ages and how shifting energy can impact your world.

I’m the sixth expert. I do believe that change starts within. I’ll be sharing lessons from my book Soul Proprietor on renewals my clients and I have made over the years. “Re-visiting” and “re-framing” are two techniques I’ve used to get myself unstuck.

There are three spots left as of this writing (9:40am). Hope to fill the house, er, spa. Come join me!

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