I had the distinct honor and privilege of dining with esteemed members of Moffly Media as well as my co-panelists for the upcoming 4th Annual Women in Business event at Dolce in Norwalk. The theme is Entrepreneurship. I met Michele Ross of Letarte Swimwear, Kendra Farn of PGaryn Productions, Demi Ferraris of Vineyard Vines and Marit Price who will moderate the event. (I’m feeling very brunette…)

Kathy McShane, who heads up Ladies Who Launch in SW Connecticut is already a valued colleague. She was there and will be on the panel as well. What a great time we had! The purpose of getting together was to review the questions we’ll be asked as panelists, but we were having so much fun getting to know each other–and the table was rectangular, not round–which was less conducive to group conversation, so we bonded royally and promised to email our moderator with questions and comments.

I said to my table-mates, it felt like a rehearsal dinner for a wedding. The big event is coming, and now we know each other and will look forward to being together again.

I tell you this insider information to share that this is typical of how it is in business. Circumstances aren’t always as you expect or desire them to be, so you go with what is. The Marketing Director from Moffly made the wise call to allow the relationships among us to take seed and blossom.

If you want to see the gorgeous flowering of this garden, please join me on Tuesday, May 24 from 5:30-8:30pm. I heard that they’ve already sold more advance tickets than in any of the previous years, so please order soon. I wouldn’t want you to miss it.

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