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May 11, 2011

Last Night at Eileen Fisher in MA

We had a wonderful turnout at my first-ever Boston area event held at the beautiful Chestnut Hill Eileen Fisher store. I love bringing together Remarkable Women, and this group was no exception.

We had women in travel, communications, catering, financial education, entrepreneurship education, radio and more. After the round of self-introductions for the entire group, we broke up into smaller conversations to help each other focus in on key issues. The sparks were flying. We even had some of the Eileen Fisher staff sit in our circles sharing their expertise and getting feedback.

What always impresses me so deeply as I’ve worked with Eileen Fisher’s employees is their devotion to the brand, the company and to Eileen as a visionary. As Laura Moretti-Gold–this store’s manager– said as she proudly introduced her staff members and how long each had been with the company, “We don’t leave!”

In a conversation I had with one of these women, I was told how generous Eileen is with benefits, profit-sharing, wellness allowances, etc. I can’t think of another company where I’ve heard that devotion and caring verbalized.

In case you didn’t know this, Eileen Fisher has a Business Grant Program for Women Entrepreneurs. The deadline is soon, but if you’re interested, here’s the link for an application.

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  1. Lisa Ann Schraffa

    As I mentioned to Jane Pollak after the event. In 19 years of networking events from women’s groups to various Chambers of Commerce and everything in between this was by far the best networking event I have ever been to.
    It was a wonderful conversation and an authentic way of sharing. No pushing business cards in people’s faces and rambling on the elevator pitch with out connection. Well done. Thank you for bringing this right to our door at Eileen Fisher at The Mall at Chestnut Hill.

  2. janepollak

    You’ve got my gratitude on so many levels–for participating in the small group discussions and bringing your experience to the fore; helping to host this group; and for your generous comments and following through on your promise to put it them in writing. Thank you!


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