It still turns my stomach to read the rejection letter I received from a major bookseller when I sent them the new edition of Soul Proprietor last May. For those of you who are thinking of self-publishing, and also for those of you who have ever given up after a rejection, read on.

Here’s what you want to be aware of when sending a book in for evaluation:

Titles submitted to the Small Press Department are turned over to the respective category buyers for a decision. The buyers see hundreds of books every week and look at each one to determine its potential for sales in our stores. They consider the content, the author’s credentials, how the book looks, the marketing and promotion plans for the title, and how it stacks up against the competition currently on the shelf in the category. Once they have weighed all these factors they make a decision on how to proceed with the title. In this particular case, after careful consideration the buyer decided not to add Soul Proprietor: 101 Lessons from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur to the assortment.

The word forward is used improperly on the cover of the book. The proper word is foreword.


I was pained but not daunted, however, by this rejection. I knew that not one of my readers would reject the content of my book because of a typo on the cover that had gotten past me and my book designer. I swallowed hard and worked diligently to sell the first 1000 copies I’d ordered, which I have. I just received my re-order where the misspelling is corrected. I intend to re-submit the corrected version again to that company. (I can’t wait to write the blog post when they accept me this time!)

While networking not long after I’d received my rejection I met a woman who did decorative painting. Her business is called Fauxward, as in faux painting. Who knew there were so many ways to spell that damn word?!

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