My friend Joanne Kabak, a colleague and member of my former writers group, lent me her copy of Life by Keith Richards, the audio version. It’s 19 CD’s plus a bonus extra with visuals. When I entitled this post ‘living with Keith Richards,’ I meant it. I’ve been listening in my car, on walks and while preparing meals for the better part of this month. I feel like I’m a member of his inside circle, it’s that intimate.

I’m fascinated by the detailed scoop of how he and the Rolling Stones rose to fame and the impact of that on him and the group. His tales of drug abuse are riveting, and I love how he re-connected with his father after a 20-year gap in their relationship.

I recommend this book as pure entertainment, but also for its instructional value to business owners as well. There is one outstanding detail that I shared with a colleague who was having a learning experience with a client. I told her that the Rolling Stones do not collect royalties on Satisfaction, the most memorable business-related fact from the book. Richards went into some detail about how that came to be. But, with a sigh, said, “It was an education.”

I frequently tell my coaching clients who have been burned by not having a contractual detail in writing, “Consider it tuition.” Now I can say, “Hey, the Rolling Stones missed their piece of Satisfaction. This is not so bad.”

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