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Jul 22, 2011

Alexander McQueen & A Bucket List

My friend Meredith Gray is moving to Savannah soon and created a bucket list of activities in the northeast before her relocation. When I heard one of the items, I enlisted to join her for a visit to the Met to see the Alexander McQueen show– Savage Beauty.

We didn’t know it would be 110 degrees when we chose 7/22, but we managed to survive the line to get in and the crowds. Forewarned that it was a popular event, we chose a weekday, arrived at the museum nearly 1/2 hour before it opened and jumped onto the queue on the left side of the building. Once the doors opened, it moved very quickly and we entered the delightfully cool space and extraordinarily cool exhibit. By the time we got in, the line extended more than a block in each direction and the holding ‘pens’ in the museum were packed.

This man’s work is genius as both an artist and designer. If you can arrange to see the exhibit, I promise that you will have the experience of standing before a giant. That’s the impact of this man’s work. Pure awe.

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