“The marathon’s the parade,” my friend Doreen once said about the actual running of the 26.2 mile race. You’ve done all the hard work, trained, sweated, ached and pained. The day of the event is a celebration–a parade. “You don’t change anything. You show up and simply perform what you’ve spent months practicing.”

An entire city turns out to cheer. There are water stations and banners along the way.Your friends call out your name and encourage you as you near the end of this arduous journey.

Where were they when you were in training?

One of the hardest parts of prepping for anything worthwhile (i.e. long term goals) is that instead of the rallying forces that come out at showtime, your internal chorus is filled with saboteurs deriding your ideas, challenging your assumptions and generally impeding your progress.

I should know. As I’m putting dates on the calendar for my fall events, there has been a symphony of condescension and crescendos of self-doubt.

And, I’m putting them out anyway, which is what I advise my clients to do. Gremlins, be damned. Action is the magic word.

Here’s what it looks like up close. I’m planning to offer my webinar sessions on Thursday evenings EST. “Well, how are the Europeans going to call in, Jane? It’s too late for them.” “What about Thanksgiving? Maybe you should wait until the new year.” “Thursdays are tough for people.” I’m ignoring them all, but acknowledging their presence. I’m sure you have similar voices with equally ‘useful’ information and ideas.

I’m really excited to be sharing my methodology for becoming a Soul Proprietor. I’ve designed a powerful visual presentation and an equally powerful script. Participants will have weekly field work–creating a vision, defining a market, mindmapping, etc.–which will result in a leap into your dream work or a substantial leap ahead of where you already are.

In addition, I’m offering two hours per week of coaching support as you work my program. I’ll be there when the gremlins come out and fear seeps in. I’ll be there to cheer you on as you experience success after success. You’ll hear your own voice and echoes of it as others share their challenges and successes too. There’s nothing like hearing your story told by others to reinforce what’s true for you–the good, the bad and the ugly.

Please join me for my free introductory webinar: The Soul Proprietor’s Formula for Building Your Business aka Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started My Business Wednesday, October 26 at 8PM EST. Mark your calendars now. Registration will begin in a couple of weeks.

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