…will be a future Nobel Peace Prize winner! Yes! At my Come As You’ll Be event I will be host to the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Currently, she is a client of mine whose passion is leading mission trips to third world countries. She’s been to Haiti several times since the devastating earthquake there and has helped serve the population in need of medical attention. That’s what she does on her vacation.

For work she arranges home health care providers for the ill and elderly. She’s in her 10th year of running this successful business. When we were discussing her goals for the next few years, she mentioned how much she’d like to increase her level of service in the world. She plans to run at least two mission trips per year organizing a crew of doctors and nurses to bring with her on these ventures.

She’ll be attending my event next week, but was coming up empty on what amazing thing could happen in five years that would be fun to dress up as or use as a prop.  I suggested that she was deserving of major recognition. Her business is financially successful. Money is not her primary motivator. When I broached the subject of the Nobel Prize, she burst out laughing, but there was also an audible gasp at the possibility.

What would make you laugh and gasp at the same time when you think about your future? Is it an award or other form of recognition? A publication? A degree? An amazing client? My final Remarkable Women’s Network event of 2011 is your opportunity to dream big and Come As You’ll Be.

Want to meet a future Nobel Prize winner, or come as one? There are 5 spaces left. Join us!

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