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Oct 7, 2011

Full Circle with 341- Now as Blogging Expert

Jane Pollak with 341 Studios

I attended my first 341 Studios  Fresh Intelligence Roundtable Series almost exactly a year ago–late September 2010. I was so knocked out by the power of that event, I wrote a gushing love letter blog post for all to see. Not surprisingly, the women at 341 were among the first to read it. We’d had a mutual admiration thing going on prior to that, but something about my post that day put a punctuation mark on our growing relationship.

That’s the power of the blog.

I’ve attended many of their roundtables, learned from each one, and continued to enjoy our mutually beneficial relationship.

Today I sit here at another event in their series, only this time, I’M the expert. Let me qualify that. I’m on their panel as an example of a successful blogger–who is open to going from good to great.

With brilliant suggestions from social media expert Rhonda Hurwitz you’ll now begin to see a more focused and strategic use of keywords in my postings. It won’t interfere with the content, I promise. Mary Callahan of 341 illustrated the back-end features of sites like WordPress.com, which is the one I use.

Once again, Michele Graham hosted the roundtable and kept the questions and discussion flowing. The four of us are in the photo above.

I’d love to hear your suggestions, too, for going from good to great. What would you like to see more of?

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  1. Felicia Rubinstein


    Thank you so much for your wonderful insight. We were so honored to have you as key part of our panel.

    Just to share one of the comments of an attendee of the session up so well.

    “That was an amazing wealth of information… I kept thinking I cannot believe this terrific panel is right here in an office space in Darien, CT! Have to spread the word. GREAT job and great speakers. I will come to the next one…thx.”


  2. Catherine

    I personally think your post are already great!

  3. janepollak

    The mutual admiration continues. You draw a great crowd, and I learned a lot as well.


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