I am so proud and thrilled for my friend Cookie–aka Marisabina Russo–whose latest book was just featured in the NY Times Book Review on Sunday. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Cookie and I go way back–to Camp Chinqueka in the 50’s–but it was at our adjacent easels in the Art Department of Mount Holyoke College where her talent began to shine.

I predict that Cookie will be one of those overnight sensations who has put in 30 years of perseverance, hard work and maturation of talent behind the scenes. Getting written up in the New York Times is a BIG DEAL.

Her new book is called I Will Come Back For You and received high praise from the journalist whose article reviewed three biographical picture books portraying children living through challenging circumstances. This is what she said:

“I Will Come Back for You,” by Marisabina Russo (“A Very Big Bunny”), is the most exciting of the three books…

Cookie told me that her amazon.com numbers were already showing a rise after the piece appeared on Sunday. There’s nothing like that third party endorsement, especially when it comes from the New York Times.

Congratulations, Marisabina!

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