Misleading Letter

Here’s one way I can measure my growth in business. I received this IMPORTANT envelope from the United States Trademark Registration Office in Saturday’s mail. Whenever I get something government related, I have to admit, I feel a bit intimidated. Did I do something wrong? Do I owe money? Right there at the post office, I felt vulnerable.

I waited till I got home to open the envelope, then read the contents which suggested that I owed a $375 fee on a trademark I’d taken out six years ago. One I had already paid hefty sums for. There was a lot of legal looking language in the text, so I had a moment of panic. Do I still owe money on that thing?

Then, I looked at the envelope again and thought, “A government agency in Los Angeles? Wha’?”

I immediately went to google, inserted ‘trademark registration office Los Angeles’ and saw an article in Ripoff Report explaining the scam being run.

The whole process lasted under 30 minutes as I went from fear-based entrepreneur to slightly annoyed, wiser seasoned business owner. And that’s what 30 plus years in business can do for you. You learn what to pay attention to and what to investigate before taking action. Years ago I may have simply sent in the check and been sadder, poorer and not much wiser. Today, I take the pause that refreshes and took action on my own behalf.

Any other scams you’ve been subjected to that you’d care to share?


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