Marketing Attention-Getter from Bloomingdale's

I ordered a coat from Bloomingdale’s last week to take advantage of their huge winter reductions (thank you, Scarlett DeBease!). When I opened the package I was delightedly surprised to see the enclosed card tucked inside my well-wrapped garment.

Of course I had to think, “How did they know?” Followed by, “They must say that to all their shoppers!” And then considered how well-crafted the message was, because it was indeed true.

Notice how much of my attention Bloomingdale’s received (and is now the beneficiary of with this posting) by coming up with this flattering, well thought out campaign.

Below you can read what was printed on the reverse side. How likely do you think they are to receive an increased response rate to their survey? What are you taking away from this? How to capture your customer’s attention is a tried, true and evergreen–flattery. Have you tried it lately?

Reverse side


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