I learned during the webinar course I took last spring that to become really successful and to expand your reach in the world, creating Joint Venture (JV) relationships would be critical. To be honest, I had no idea what the instructor was talking about. But I hung around, watched what others were doing and was actually invited to JV with a few colleagues. JVing, it turns out, is a new verb you should become aware of.

Tomorrow night I’m offering my first JV experience to my audience as I host a talk to be given by Irma Jennings, a coach also, but in a very different field than mine. Irma’s expertise is in helping women understand bone health.

We met through a webinar course on how to give webinars. I was immediately impressed with Irma’s intelligence, passion and professionalism and am delighted to offer her message to the remarkable women I know.

Having just returned from my cruise which was all about optimal health, I feel compelled to help women become aware of this vital information so that they can participate in their careers with full force for as long as possible.

I recently had a bone scan and found out that I’m pre-osteopenia, which I’m glad to know so I can take action. I am eager to hear more from Irma, especially now that I’m aware of all the mis-information out there, mainly that milk should be our primary source of calcium. Not true! Find out what is as I host Irma’s free webinar tomorrow night.

Tonight, I’m going solo and giving a one-session talk on marketing that is lively, informative and will inspire you to take an action right away. Hope you’ll join me for either or both.

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