I am not happy with priceline.com. I booked a 3-star hotel in Boston near the facility for my coach training this weekend. When I mentioned where I was headed to a good friend who used to live in Boston, her words to me were, “Be careful!” Not what you want to hear when you’re traveling solo.

I knew when I pulled into the parking lot of the Chelsea Wyndham that I should have spent the $30-50 extra to stay right at the venue where my class would be. But, ever frugal, I tried to outsmart the system. When I checked in at the reception desk I received a small note that fit into the hotel room key card holder. Here’s what it said:

For you Protection: Please remove all valuables from your vehicle. Do not leave electronic devices, Cables, Laptops, GPS Navigation Systems and mounting devices in your Vehicle [sic].

“You mean,” I asked the receptionist, “that I need to take down that rubber device that attaches my GPS onto the windshield?”

“Oh, yes,” she said. “And we can easily provide you with this Wet One and some towels so that you can rub off any marking that shows you have one.”

Now that’s a perk I’d prefer not to have next time I stay in a hotel.

P.S. I’m back safe and sound…not to mention wiser.

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