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Apr 17, 2012

Who Inspires Me – Joan Cavanaugh

Joan Cavanaugh - 75 today!

One of the first women I met when I joined EWN 20 years ago was a powerhouse business owner named Joan Cavanaugh. At the time, she owned a publishing company called W.J. Fantasy, Inc. which produced fine paper products–Advent Calendars, Games, Books, etc. illustrated by famous artists like Tomie dePaola. She was clearly a mover and shaker, and I liked her immediately. So much so that within a few months of meeting each other, she became my first recruit for my own Mastermind Group which has been operating continuously for two decades. I’ve watched Joan grow and sell W.J. Fantasy, move into voiceover work, and now teach corporate executives, women in particular, the extraordinary advantages of playing golf as a business-building tool.

You can read more about Joan’s rich history in her bio. She’s currently a client of mine, so I have a ringside seat to observe her formidable talents and vision. Joan WILL tilt the Universe with her dynamic approach to business and life. She’s writing a book, lecturing at universities and in the Boardroom teaching and modeling the advantages this sport provides for leveling the playing field.

I’ve watched Joan in action over the years. Whatever she takes on, she is 100% committed to its success. She is truly unstoppable, and anyone around her is sure to get swept up in her enthusiasm, spirit and business savvy. She works with students at the High School of Art & Design and brings them on board to help her with marketing. Joan recently hand-delivered chocolate golf balls to industry leaders with whom she’d like to network.

I knew that today was her birthday, but had never asked what number she’s celebrating. When she said “75” I almost fell over. I love having a role model who is as enthusiastic, smart, energized and on track as Joan Cavanaugh. If you are looking for some inspiration during a dry spell, visit Joan’s site and take heart. There is no finish line as an entrepreneur. Joan is as excited about life and business today as when I met her back in the early 90’s.

Happy Birthday, Joan!

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  1. Kara Lynch

    This is absolutely fascinating. It never dawned on me that someone would have a business like this, but it makes so much sense. Thanks for sharing. Kara Lynch

  2. Mary Ellroy

    Wow!! I am amazed at Joan’s continuing zeal and success!! I’ll have to belatedly wish her happy birthday.

  3. janepollak

    I’m glad you see what I mean. Thanks for your comment.

    You were one of the original Masterminders with us. So you know how incredible Joan is.


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