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May 7, 2012

Self-Promotion Part 2 – More Wisdom from Terrie Williams

One of Terrie Williams’ wise volumes on life

Continuing Terrie’s list from my post last week, here are the final 10 ways to promote yourself in business:

11. Send a follow-up note to people you meet and would like to stay in touch with. [As a sidebar to this, I blogged about  Doug Friedman‘s (of Melissa and Doug) inspiring talk at the Westport Library last week and received an email from him thanking me for my post. He is forever endeared to me for even noticing!]
12. Get to know support staff of the person or company you may want to do business with. If you develop these relationships, when you call, there will be a better chance of being put through.
13. Know your profession. Stay abreast of all the latest trends and developments in your field and your geographic area. Read everything you can get your hands on and know who is doing what, where, when and how. Learn to skim.
14. Pass articles along with a note if you come across one that may be of interest to a colleague. Maybe your associates don’t have the time to read the number of publication you do. You’ll provide a valuable service that they will undoubtedly appreciate. [This is more true than ever with the Internet, a greater variety of media inundating us, and the ease of forwarding valuable information.]
15. Keep a supply of greeting cards for all occasions. Pay attention to special occasions of colleagues and prospective business contacts and stay in touch.
16. Write…write…write. Send letters [emails, now] to people you want to do business with. Many valuable relationships have developed this way.
17. Go through your Rolodex [online database] periodically and send a hello note to those people you want to remember you.
18. Let people know that you are available to speak or to otherwise participate in panel discussions, seminars, clubs, religious organizations, civic groups, charitable organizations, service groups and community centers.
19. Selectively donate your services to nonprofit organizations that may be in need of your expertise.
20. Remember what Mom used to tell you: say Thank You. It’s amazing how few people invest the time to express gratitude for a favor or job well done. Remember that people don’t have to do anything for you It’s all about developing a winning style and cultivating relationships that can be instrumental in opening doors you never dreamed could open for you. Work hard to achieve your goals. There will be disappointments and defeats along with the highs and the joyous victories, but if you apply the “little things,” you’ll be amazed at how many “big things” may result.

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