I received this testimonial from a client I worked with a few years ago. I was so happy that she shared it with me that I asked her permission to share it (anonymously) with you. I hope you feel as inspired and motivated as I did reading it.

Short story: I’m speaking in two weeks at the XXX* conference, sponsored by Xxxxx* Women. I reached out to the president to ask if there was a room rate at the Crowne Plaze where the conference will take place (in Any City*, ST*) .  She responded with the name of her contact and the room rate.  After writing the contact I thought;  (channeling your lessons) ‘Wait a minute, I’m traveling, speaking (and not being paid) shouldn’t I ask my host to pick up the tab for my room?’  So I took a deep breath, wrote her and asked, and lo and behold the answer was YES.  Had I not asked, I’d be paying for my own room and not feeling very good about it.

*Names changed to protect the innocent.

I congratulated my client for her courage and action. I hope you are inspired to ask for something you need today.

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