Joanne McCall
The Media Polisher

I’ll be introducing Joanne McCall during my webinar next Monday night as The Media Polisher. She’s making a guest appearance as a ‘visibility strategist’ and will offer her wisdom for how to maximize your air time once you get the attention of the press.

She and I just had a rehearsal. Although I’ve been aware of Joanne’s great success in the industry, it was the first time I heard her share her tips, and I am very excited to be introducing her to you during my class on June 18th.

She has a way of succinctly summarizing an issue and offering sound advice for how to overcome obstacles. As a sneak preview, I’ll share with you that she will make suggestions for desensitizing yourself to how you look and sound on camera. It’s sage advice and will save you from embarrassment and amateurism. You do not want to miss her segment.

On June 21 I’ll be guest-hosting Joanne’s free webinar on the subject of maximizing media opportunities. You’ll be receiving details about that soon.

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