As I wind down this month and look forward to taking a July sabbatical, my assistant asked if I was going to have a set of pre-written blogs and newsletters scheduled to be posted while I’m on vacation thereby giving the illusion that I was still at my desk producing.

It was a good question.

She’s looking out for me, suggesting that my audience wants and expects to hear from me at regular intervals. I nod to that observation, but my heart tells me that my silence will send a greater message. And that when I return in August, my posts will be met with the recognition and appreciation of a familiar voice that you’ve missed.

What got me to this place of allowing white space around our relationship was the wise words of my coach and mentor. “Do you want to foster compulsivity?” she asked me on our last call.

To which I responded with a resounding, NO. The last thing I want for my clientele and readership is to ever have that glazed over look when they see my name in their inbox, or an, “Oh, no! here comes another one” experience I often have when I see certain names in my inbox.

I promise to offer you white space 3 times a week this July when I would have posted a blog, twice a month when I would have sent you my newsletter, and another couple of quiet moments when an eblast for an upcoming event would have required your attention. Please, use that time to take a deep breath, to relax, to look out the window or to simply smile and be grateful for a break.

I will continue to post next week, being that it’s still June. Also, I’m nipping at the heels of 600 posts and would love to start my sabbatical having achieved that number. (Speaking of compulisivity…)

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