Lindsey and Chloe with me in the living room area of the Northampton house we rented

I’m baaaack!

There were days during the month of July when I thought I may never utter those words. But time does its thing, and I couldn’t be happier to be at my desk, working with clients, planning the upcoming year and reporting out to you.

It’s appropriate that the first networking event I’ll attend post-sabbatical will be the BlogHer ’12 Conference this Friday, August 3.

Speaking of blogs, this is Post #600. I had no idea when I started this activity in May 2008 that I would come to enjoy it so much. For those of you still on the fence about blogging or sticking to a weekly schedule, here are a few of the benefits I’ve prospered from:

  • Speaking engagements~
  • Coaching clients – Readers have followed my blog for years, have developed their businesses enough and become familiar with my style,  reach out for assistance.
  • Media opportunities – There’s nothing like an editor or producer visiting your site and finding lots of activity, new news and up-to-the-minute entries. Blogs are fabulous for that kind of credibility.
  • Like Facebook and other social media, most of my friends and colleagues are aware of what’s going on in my life and reflect it back to me when I see them. That’s a cool bi-product of posting three times a week.

I coached two clients today and will be facilitating a team coaching this afternoon. My Mastermind Intensive that begins in October is filling nicely. The caliber of women participating is enthralling. I can visualize sparks flying and businesses booming as an outcome of this group dynamic.

But before I fully dive into what’s next, I want to take a moment to say how deeply grateful I am for having given myself the month of July to just be. Highlighted in the photo here was my week in Northampton at a stellar home rental ( with my loved ones. It was relaxing, fun and rejuvenating lying around a spectacular house that wasn’t mine, watching HBO series, eating out, eating in, walking in the woods, sitting around the dining room table, playing with Chloe (now 1!) and going to the movies and shows.

I’m lucky to enjoy the work that I do and that it affords me a lifestyle where I control my own schedule.

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