The only credit I’ll take for discovering Chip Conley is that you may not yet have come across him and his brilliance in your travels. I love introducing you to the people who light me up. Yesterday, that was hearing Chip’s message for the first time.

He was featured during the business segment on CBS NewsRadio 88 – the station I listen to in snippets while driving to the post office or grocery store. The book he was promoting and the wisdom he provided caught my attention long enough to jot down the title and look him up as soon as I got home.

I discovered, of course, I’m far from the first to testify. He’s a NYTimes Best Selling Author and TED speaker. His book entitled Emotional Equations provides simple formulas that allow you to see what’s holding you back as easily as you could see how to get orange from mixing red and yellow. Feeling anxiety? Notice your levels of uncertainty and powerlessness. Can you do some research or take an action? These are useful suggestions and antidotes to the paralysis of being anxious.

The trailer for the book is one of the finest I’ve ever seen. Its clarity, humor and attractiveness will engage and inform you. I went from watching the trailer to his TEDx talk and then his TED talk. That was my social networking for the day. I feel like I made a new connection; developed a new resource.

My favorite takeaway quote from Chip:

The most neglected fact in business is that we’re all human and virtually everything we do in the context of business can be distilled down to the emotions and whims of people just like you and me.

I couldn’t agree more and wish I’d said it first.

Nice meeting you, Chip!

Friends, meet Chip Conley a fresh (to me) and exciting observer of our business and human nature.

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