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Sep 12, 2012

Liz Alpert Fay and Victoria Cummings Host Spectacular Event

Around the dinner table in Liz’s studio – 9/10/12

Words can’t even begin to describe the sensational Artsy Girls event I attended at the home of Liz Alpert Fay and co-hosted by Victoria Cummings. This dynamic duo met at a previous Artsy Girls dinner and discovered a mutual admiration that developed into a stunning video project produced by Victoria featuring Liz’s creativity.

The two of them joined forces again to welcome our group for dinner on Monday night. It began with a tour of Liz’s gardens and home. Every touch was so personal with Liz’s fingerprint everywhere, from the perfectly grown string beans served as appetizers, to the amazing chicken coop and picture-perfect hens marching around. She cares for everything in her domain with an eye for detail and a heart filled with appreciation.

We saw their pristine basement which houses her husband’s woodworking shop, plus her grown kids’ rooms that were galleries of youthful exuberance and talent.

Dinner was 90% from the garden we had toured, and everything was colorful, beautifully textured and inviting to the stomach as well as the eye.

After our usual self-intros that include a brag–this is an extraordinarily successful group of creators–Liz and Victoria shared the stage and showed slides and the video of Liz’s work. Victoria’s genius is capturing the essence of her subject matter and conveying it in a compelling, succinct and visually satisfying way. We saw a couple of her other videos before watching the one of Liz. Victoria also writes a popular blog, in addition to her many talents.

What everyone attending came away with was a feeling that we were in the presence of something truly unique–Liz’s distinct appreciation of nature and her point of view as expressed through her art. I invite you to spend time on her website and enjoy a few minutes of this special voice.

Daughter Chelsea’s closet art

The most beautiful hens I’ve ever seen.

One section of Liz’s studio–a feast everywhere you look

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  1. Victoria Cummings

    Jane – Thank you for your kind words. It was a great evening, reminding me how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends and how honored I am to be an Artsy Girl.

  2. Jeanine

    I’m truly sorry I missed it — it always hurts to miss an Artsy Girls event.


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