My hunch is that because of my blogging over the last three years, I’ve become more visible and indirectly gotten speaking engagements and clients due to my 3x a week postings.

But last week I got what had to have been the first actual reward I can tie directly to my blogging. I received this notification:

CONGRATULATIONS!  We have exciting news for you!  Your entry in the Staples Martha Stewart Blogher Blog Post Giveaway Sweepstakes has been selected as a Grand Prize winner.  It is our pleasure to inform you that you have won:


It arrived yesterday, and what a treat! I unwrapped tons of desk accessories and stationery items designed by Martha for Staples. Lucky them! They just elevated the taste level of their desktop offerings about 1000%. The stuff is gorgeous.

All I did was stop by Martha’s booth at BlogHer ’12, accept a journal that her people were distributing to all the attendees, and then follow it up with my take on how her products can benefit women business owners, professionals, etc. Piece of cake! I truly liked the journal, so writing something complimentary was a pleasure.

I hope you can take this marketing genius’ example and apply it to your own businesses in a scaled down version that meets your market. What Martha did you can do too.

Step 1 – Identify your client base.
Step 2 – Show up where they are.
Step 3 – Make them an irresistible offer (free product works!).
Step 4 – Create a contest or other viral, participatory activity that engages them and has them telling others about you–especially through social media.
Step 5 – Reward them so they’ll continue to promote you.

Rinse and repeat. Thank you, Martha Stewart. I do love your beautiful and practical supplies.

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