I got to introduce Kate White to EWN
Photo by Doreen Birdsell

Last night’s EWN event was inspiring!

Kate White was our featured speaker, and she lit a fire under the entire room. She gave three take-away pieces of advice for success from her new book. The title of this post echoed what one of the members of my upcoming Mastermind Intensive said when I asked her why she signed up for my group.

“This is my year!” she claimed. That mantra, Go big or go home reflects an attitude of determination, ability and courage.

Kate also reminded us to not worry what others think of us. She told a tale of her early days in publishing when she kept noticing what Jackie was doing and saying and how annoying it was. Jackie didn’t care what Kate thought and meanwhile was gaining traction and momentum in her career while Kate was busy resenting her. Great illustration of how that kind of thinking weighs you down while the other person is merrily pursuing their goals. I loved her self-deprecating humor and hard-won wisdom.

I’d write more, but am up in Rhinebeck, NY, getting ready to attend the Women and Power weekend event at Omega Institute. Please comment if you were there, and what your takeaways were.

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