Elizabeth Lesser – Co-founder of Omega Institute and the Omega Women’s Leadership Center

I’m still reeling from the energy, enthusiasm and sheer brilliance of the weekend I just attended in Rhinebeck, NY. As Elizabeth Lesser–the co-founder of Omega– so eloquently asked,

How can a bunch of women eating granola at the end of a dirt road solve the problems of the world?

Well, we made a good stab at it September 21-23.

In her comments,  Eve Ensler described Elizabeth as “the most care-full person I know.” It was in evidence throughout this event. The newly launched Omega Women’s Leadership Center was cofounded by Lesser, Carla Goldstein and Sarah Peter. We celebrated this landmark occasion under an enormous tent, which held 700 of us, on Saturday night. We were treated to a ‘duet’ conversation between Eve and Isabel Allende. This is just to give you a nibble of what I experienced throughout the weekend.

I won’t fit it all into one blog post, but wanted to share what Elizabeth told us that she’s learned through her 35 years at the helm and having met hundreds of the best-known, supposedly evolved spiritual leaders and thinkers of our time:

The biggest lesson I’ve learned in 35 years is that we’re all the same. No one is living the life you think they are.

I can’t say that that came as a complete revelation. But coming from such a trusted resource, it altered the energy of the conference to a wondrous space of accepting all of our imperfect humanness. Elizabeth requested that we put down the burden of comparing and fully occupy our own lives. What a generous invitation!

I can tell you that what I felt during the weekend was a direct response to that charge–a level of acceptance, curiosity and appreciation from each of the stellar women I met there.

More tomorrow–

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