Wendy took this photo at the beginning of the Remarkable Women’s Network event tonight and immediately posted it in five places.

I never take pictures of what I’m eating and post them online, but watching Wendy Limauge document the goings-on this evening at my Remarkable Women’s Network event, and immediately posting them out there to her minions, altered my viewpoint. Her enthusiasm for recording her activities, and the ease with which she communicated, made it all seem much more doable.

You could have heard a pin(terest) drop while each of my three guest speakers shared her wisdom about LinkedIn, twitter and blogging. Wendy demonstrated it through her actions, then shared about “the house that blogging built”–an inspirational story about finding one’s niche and capitalizing on it.

Carol McManus, America’s LinkedIn Lady, made a clear and straightforward case for using her favorite social media site for simply being a witness to her friends and colleagues successes. By daily reading the newsfeed on her LinkedIn page, and commenting on, congratulating and making natural connections, she has monetized her LinkedIn relationships through referrals back to her. She cited an $8000 speaking opportunity that came directly out of her being a champion noticer and referrer on this site. Damn inspiring!

Robin Horton of Urban Gardens raised significant questions about what your end goal is with using these tools. As she so brilliantly put it, in the old days when everything was done with pens and paper, dial up phones and ink and air, no one went around asking “What kind of pen are you using?” As though that would make the difference in your success in business. Her point being that it isn’t which tools you use for being social through the media, it’s how you’re using them to further your main purpose. Getting clear on that is half the battle.

Bottom line, just like I’m writing this blog post to show my appreciation and enthusiasm for these new media, it’s what you do with the information that matters.

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