With my kids in the early 80’s (right)

As I’ve accelerated my decluttering, downsizing phase, I came across a book that I was featured in published by La Leche League in 1984 entitled Of Cradles & Careers by Kaye Lowman.

I was combining motherhood and career by running a community-based arts program in our family room. As you can see in the photo, I had Laura (now 30) in a backpack while I taught. My son Robert participated in all the sessions, even though he was a few years younger than his classmates in the program.

I wrote this entry for the book. (You can read it by clicking on the image.) What I marvel at now is that almost 30 years ago I saw, and described, how I could design my work and create my own future–as I continue to live and teach the same message. What surprised me when I came across this yesterday was that I was so clear back then…and was doing it.

I was recently a guest expert for a telesummit for Mompreneurs. I wish that I’d had role models back then for combining entrepreneurship with being a mother. There was no internet, few networks for women entrepreneurs, and I thought that self-sufficiency was the number one attribute for success. I’m grateful for the positive forces of technology, for meeting other women business owners in person and now through social media. And most important, for realizing and valuing interdependence.

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