My First ‘Studio’

I just came across this photo of my first ‘studio’.

You’ve heard about businesses starting on a kitchen counter or the back of a napkin. Well, take a look here! I started my business using the edge of a counter in our kitchen.

My jars of dye were located under my jars of beans and grains. There’s a small patch of bulletin board exposed for inspiration.

The silver lamp was set up to focus light directly on the egg I was applying wax to at the time.

It’s a wonder that a business developed from this small, chaotic piece of kitchen real estate. (Notice the cut-off view of a high chair in the foreground to get a full picture of my life as a mompreneur–before that word existed.)

What I’m here to say is that you can start a business anywhere under any circumstances. I knew I wanted to create, and I found a way to turn my passion into a business.

I want to remind you (and myself) that it is a slow and steady process.

Here I am today in a Manhattan apartment figuring out exactly what’s next for me. As in the past, I will trust that process, follow all leads, and see what calls me forth next.

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