Vision of floral wall and reality

I’ve been a believer in vision boards since seeing ones my friends had created come to fruition.

I created my first one in 2005 and quickly brought the images to reality. A more recent rendition has taken longer to manifest.

You can see some of the images on the board featured on the left side of the image. Swimming pools have figured prominently for some reason (I do love to swim). When I moved into a beautiful apartment complex two years ago, there was a gorgeous outdoor pool.  One of the attractions to my apartment in NYC is the equally gorgeous indoor pool.

I thought I was going to have to travel to Europe to find the wall of flowers circled in the image above. Yesterday, walking through the neighborhood of NYU in the West Village here, I spotted the glorious scene on the right.

I often ask for a sign from the universe to show me I’m heading in the right direction. I hadn’t asked for one recently, but received this wink that indeed, my visions are coming to be in the land of New York City.

For you who have invested the time, energy and belief in creating a vision for yourself, keep taking actions and be sure to keep your eyes open for signs.

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