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Nov 26, 2012

Claiming My Future

The NY Public Library Entrance reflecting me.

My move to NYC has vaguely resembled my first birth experience.

Before my eldest was born, I threw myself into a study of pregnancy, the birth process and breastfeeding via reading, enrolling in Lamaze classes and attending La Leche League meetings. I was thoroughly prepared, having equipped myself with knowledge about fetal development, breathing techniques to ease labor pains, and learning how to have the baby latch on for nursing.

What I had completely overlooked was actually having a baby in my life.

It all worked out, as anyone who knows Lindsey or my other wonderful kids, Robert and Laura, can attest. But that moment of recognition, after all the planning and preparation for the birth experience, was something of a rude awakening. Wait a second here! I thought I’d already done all the work.

But, no.

That was simply setting the stage for the greatest experience of my life.

Now here I am in NYC, in my humble opinion, the greatest city in the world. I was always drawn to Manhattan having grown up in White Plains, attending Columbia Teachers College, then living in a commuter town 50 miles away for the last 40 years. Time and circumstances have paved the way for this great move.

For the past several months I’ve focused on winding down my life in CT, getting rid of my leased car, packing up my apartment and making the actual move. All of this took time, energy and concentration.

I’ve landed. I love my apartment. I’ve met a lot of really terrific people. I know how to get around. I’ve mastered seamless.com.

Now what?

The funny timing thing  here is that next week I’m hosting my final Remarkable Women’s Network event in Connecticut, and it’s entitled Come As You’ll Be. I’m giving my friends, colleagues and clients permission (aka challenging them),  to dream ahead five years, to dress accordingly as the success they can imagine and to speak that night only from the perspective of 2017 and all they have achieved.

And I haven’t a clue as to who I’ll be or even what I want to achieve.

This is the very first time in my memory that I can state this. I’ve always been 100% goal driven, defined and clear. Until this move to NYC, which was a long-held vision now come to fruition. Just like delivering the baby…now what?

Fortunately, I have a path to take.

I’ll do what I instruct my clients to do–create a new vision. My first step is to give myself time and space and some very cool magazines to work with. It’s one of those things that I’ll know when I see it. Flipping through the pages of travel, lifestyle and home magazines will offer images that touch my heart and make me say, “Yes. I want that!”

I may not know how to achieve getting that, but seeing it in front of me is always Step 1. I have my assignment cut out for me. I’m going to hit the magazine reading room of the NYC library which I recently joined, gather a stack of juicy periodicals and enjoy the process.

I also have a strategically timed call with my coach later today, which I know will help me hear what’s deep in my heart.

By next Monday, December 3, I will have a new vision for my future, will dress accordingly, and will act as if–the same thing I’m asking my attendees to do.

There’s enormous power in this process. I’m going to take my own advice and live into it. Please join me then and see who I show up as. I’m as curious to know as you may be.

Addendum – I started this post this morning before going to the library. I had to take this photo (above) as I entered the NYPL–God giving me a wink of encouragement as I entered the library. I knew the Universe would be with me on this. It always is.

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  1. elaine koufman, fasid

    i wish i could join u for this event because i am also at an exciting crossroad and am curious about others. i have been inspired by you to set a 2017 plan which is vastly different from my fast paced high acheiver lifestyle of the last 40 years. in 2000 i was dreaming of manhattan etc. in 2012, my dream is of a spot in maine with an artist’s studio and waterviews. who knew????

  2. janepollak

    Can I come visit?!

    • elaine koufman, fasid

      of course…there will be a guest suite which i shall encourage monthly guests to enjoy at their leisure!!

      • Julianne

        Once again Jane your thoughts touched my soul. I’ve been at a ‘crossroads’ for a year. I can hear you saying ‘move…any direction is better than none.’ But I am not sure who I want to be anymore. What is interesting about ‘resting’ at the crossroads is I meet lots of interesting people with lots of interesting ideas. All are willing/wanting to support me once I am open to receive my role. I *do* know what I’ll be wearing which is a huge clue as to my role, but I have huge doubts that say ‘no, no not possible.’. Keep me at the edge of your thoughts as you go through those magazines. Blessings. Julianne

  3. janepollak

    You are not alone! Trust the knowing and doubt the doubts. I will, indeed, hold you in my thoughts. Sending love and good wishes.

  4. Linda Urbach

    Having just moved myself (albeit only a block away) I recommend moving to everyone. It’s not necessarily the great stressor people say it is. I actually love almost every minute of my movie. Except..where is my couch?

  5. janepollak

    It does get you to take stock, notice what you value and shake up the status quo. Congrats on your move! And where is your cheese now?


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