Imagine my delight when turning the pages of Food and Wine magazine looking for inspirational words and images, an article caught my eye: Real Heroes Don’t Tweet. I loved the sentiment of the message and was further enchanted when it turned out to be about Calvin Trillin, the New Yorker writer whose books I’ve fallen in love with.

You won’t find a Calvin Trillin website, but you can find the man himself being interviewed by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. These two media hits were tantalizing forerunners to hearing him live this weekend.

I’d been looking forward to his appearance since we got tickets a few weeks ago. It was a sellout crowd at the Cornwall Village Meeting House in Cornwall, CT on Saturday evening at 5pm. He did not disappoint. He spoke with notes and from memory for about 40 minutes, then responded to questions from the crowd.

When asked about whether or not he was tweeting, his response was, “I try to stay 3 technologies behind.” His words went straight to my soul. Of course, being Calvin Trillin, he doesn’t have to join the crowd, but his non-conformist attitude enchanted me. Plus, he had a provocative question as a writer who, as a deadline poet, gets paid by the line.

“If you tweet, who pays you for that?”

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