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Dec 9, 2012

Who I Saw in 2017

Mosette in full regalia

My Remarkable Women’s Network Come As You’ll Be event in Westport last week was a real hit. I want to acknowledge the dozens of courageous women who attended, in costume, for taking a look into the unknown and staking a claim for themselves.

As attendees experienced in their small group sharing, the success they seek is not that remote, and that talking about it, describing the steps it will take to get there and trying their imagined success on for size–the proverbial acting as if–is a powerful exercise in self-actualization.

I should know. I came dressed as Mos-ette–the leader of the Lifestyle Entrepreneurship movement. Just mentioning my intention to a colleague earlier that day was exciting. She immediately said she’d follow me. Easy!

Here are the 10 Commandments for my movement:

1.  Thou shalt love the work you do.
2.  Create your own definition of success.
3.  Thou shalt not compare.
4.  Honor thy heart and thy gut.
5.  Thou shalt practice gratitude daily.
6.  Remember to rest.
7.  Allow the Universe to manifest.
8.  Be aware of signs along the way.
9.  Not every day is a winner.
10. Remember what it was like to work for someone else.
Sandy W bestseller

Jessica Bram, who years ago imagined and manifested the vision to create a writing haven, hosted this evening at the Westport Writers Workshop. She talked about other visions which had come to fruition: writing and getting her book published and, on the personal side, getting married.

We had a number of best-selling authors attend including Sandy Weiner the author of the soon-to-be-released (in her vision) Eyes Wide Open, Legs Firmly Shut A woman’s guide to dating smarter the second time around.

There was also a magazine cover ‘girl’–Andrea Deinstadt of Organizing Wisdom who had envisioned herself (in blue) on the cover of a regional publication alongside one of my entrepreneurial heroes, Eileen Fisher.2017 ADeinstadt cover
Cover Girls - Wpt Mag June 2007
I had the good fortune to ride on the coat tails of a similar visionary, Betsy Krobot, who created a mock-up of herself on the cover of Westport Magazine several years ago, only to appear on the actual cover in June 2007  with two other women business owners. This stuff works!

I dare you to try it.

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  1. Marjory Abrams

    Love this, Jane! A real inspiration at a time when we can all use more inspiration. “Let our imaginations go!”

  2. janepollak

    Oooohhh! I think that’ll be my mantra.
    I’m curious to hear where YOUR imagination will take you. Since you’re already living a great vision, what do you see as next for you?


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