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Dec 10, 2012

This Room is Full of Happy Women

Beverly Ellsley hosted our Artsy Girls holiday event at her sumptuous log cabin in Westport, CT last week. There were nearly 30 of us gathered–all creative women nationally recognized, successfully working in illustration, interior design, toy and game invention, quilting, surface design, writing and more.

Ellen Silver, one of our members, sent me this message the next day:

Honest to goodness, the first thing I thought of while waking up this morning was a scene at Jinny Avery’s  studio tag sale.The central work table was piled in great sorted lumps of every fabric embellishment, unfinished project pieces, fabulous textiles obviously collected during travels abroad, virtually the detritus of  our dreams. The room was pleasantly crammed with quilters, artists, textile designers and confessed fabric collectors; kindred spirits all.

You knew that you could share the joy of a special find with the stranger next to you and they would applaud your selective scrounging. Suddenly from knee-level came a clear and distinct little girl’s voice declaring, This is a room full of happy women.

You know the end of my train of thought. That declaration perfectly captured my memory of the night before. I do believe that good vibes are contagious, no matter how much it may sound like a bumper sticker from yesteryear.

Ellen fully captured the essence of the party at Bev’s. We stayed and stayed in this cocoon of joy, friendship, common ground and love. Beverly’s gracious home and effortless hosting was the perfect setting for fostering community and happiness.

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