…there is a season.

Today’s post will not be about the business related epiphany I had earlier this week. Rather, I’d like to take a moment to be quiet and acknowledge the unbearable tragedy that happened yesterday. At 11:30am I was on a call with a client who happens to live in Newtown, actually Sandy Hook, CT. She said she’d just heard that there was something terrible happening at the neighborhood school a short distance from her house. Something about gunfire, possibly a death.

Neither of us had any idea of the horrific scope of the incident, nor would we have had any more words to say then if we had. If there is such a word, it was un-contemplatable, the extent of the sad, devastating behavior of one individual and the titanic loss of families, a community and our country.

Sometimes being in silence and staying in the grief of the moment are the only actions called for. That’s the season I’m in right now. Please join me here for a moment if you’re there too.

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