tape measure - cinch by inchThis will be my final post for 2012.

Last week I had planned to blog about a woman business leader I’d read about and post an entry based on an obituary for the man who invented the bar code. But dealing with the overwhelming sadness and shock of the Newtown massacre, the importance and relevance of these topics rapidly faded.

I do, however, want to voice some thoughts at year’s end. This morning I saw this quote in the inspirational book I read daily. It’s by George Bernard Shaw:

Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.

I wanted to share the window I’m looking through these days and ask you about yours. In spite of the horrific tragedy in Connecticut, I have continued to manage my affairs and to stay afloat emotionally. I credit the enormous support system of positive thinkers with whom I surround myself and the daily practices I engage in to keep me serene and to maintain peace of mind. I pray that this does not come across in any way as bragging. My intention is simply to share how I keep going. I invite you to tell me, and others, what has helped you get through these most challenging times.

Every year around this time I take a look at the past four quarters and those ahead. I do this on several levels: financial, professional, personal, spiritual. I have to admit that financially, this was my least productive year in the past ten. I keep comparative records, and I was discouraged and disappointed that my income was lower.

Then I looked at what I did professionally. My mood immediately lifted. I had amazing coaching clients, great mastermind groups, multiple webinar series, my 21st – 25th Remarkable Women’s Network sessions and I gave a TEDx talk. I also attended several professional development workshops and participated in a holistic cruise where I learned more about how what we ingest impacts everything else in our lives. I also took a one month sabbatical in July. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on where I’m headed as well as enjoy family time with my children and granddaughter.

Personally, my life changed enormously and joyfully in two ways. I met a most wonderful man in February who continues to enhance and enrich my life. And I moved to New York City in October to be closer to my children and grandchild and to swim in a bigger (the biggest!) pond.

I’ve done all this with an open heart and divinely inspired direction. I feel a deep connection to this Universe of ours and hope that I can continue to serve my family, friends and clients for many years to come.

When I hold up my measuring device to these standards, it’s been my best year ever. What are you measuring at this time?

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