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Jan 2, 2013

“We Are All Artists Now” – Seth Godin

arlyn and seth

jane and seth

When you put an intention out into the Universe, look out!

This year, starting February 1, I intend to lead a community of women entrepreneurs in a movement of my own creation.

I set this intention last month. At a Christmas Eve party shortly after I’d made this decision, I sat down next to Arlyn Young, pictured above left, who proceeded to share her excitement about an upcoming Seth Godin event she had a ticket for in the city: The Icarus Deception, Live. Soon after the party, it might even have been Christmas Day (the perfect gift!), she sent me a link to register.

I’m blogging to you fresh from this fabulous program. Because of Seth Godin’s brilliant deconstruction of our post-industrialist society, I am more inspired than ever to take the risk of putting myself in front of you all and proclaiming THIS IS MY ART.

I lead women in my own particular way, based on my unique history of getting to this place in time, and having the passion to share what I know about operating a business doing what you love, as I have, for the past 30 years.

You’ll have to watch Seth’s talk on video (I’ll post a link to it if/when it goes live) and/or read his new book The Icarus Deception to get the whole picture and inspiration I felt. Basically he informed us, with much head-nodding throughout the audience in recogntion, that jobs are something we invented. They didn’t exist 150 years ago when we were an agricultural society. There was zero unemployment then because we ALL worked for ourselves. We’seem to be heading back towards that model as industries that used to thrive are falling by the wayside–the music industry was the example he talked about to illustrate his point–and creative entrepreneurs are taking their art public whether it’s making the best brisket or self-publishing their poems. It’s time to start making it up and putting out your wares.

In his book and talk, the formula for success today and in the future will once again be to create your own calling. It’s inside you, and you know that. Bringing it to life is scary and dangerous. As Gregg Levoy says (I’m not quoting directly, but you’ll get the point) in his book Callings, the greater the passion, the more the Universe flings opposing forces.

Seth gave us a vivid example of 3 Buddhist monks who came across a terrifying pitbull (Arlyn, correct me here if I mis-remembered this). Two of the monks ran away, but the third holy man confronted the animal with an icy stare in return, at which point the ‘bully’ dog put his tail between his legs and retreated. That’s what your gremlins will do when you take an action in spite of the threats, criticisms or judgments.

The Icarus Project begins nationwide tonight. See if you can locate and participate in a meeting near you. By his own example, Seth Godin is not marketing this the old way–taking out ads in magazines and newspapers. He’s counting on the connectedness of his community to spread the word, as I am, because what he’s offering is so exciting, so different and so compelling. Check it out! And pass it on.

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