Lisa Corrado

There are so many things I love about working with my Mastermind Intensive women business owners. We met all day last Friday, and the excitement in the room was electric. We’ve been together for 4 months now.

Since each meeting starts off with goals met, the progress is evident. The trust level is there, so the depth of the relationships is also growing and blossoming. It allows for deep truths to emerge, one of which I received permission to share.

Lisa Corrado, of Lisa Corrado Nutrition, came to that session on a cloud. She was all packed and ready to travel from the moment she entered our space.

While we normally meet until 4pm, Lisa had arranged for a car to pick her up at 2:30pm to whisk her off for a flight at JFK on her way to Italy. Earlier in our time together, Lisa voiced a clear interest in learning more about Italy, preferably working from there with an international clientele for several months out of the year. I challenged her, back in October, to book a trip there in January to test the waters.

Everyone was envious of Lisa’s homework assignment that month: Book trip to Italy. But it takes a great deal of courage to actually sit down, map out two weeks on the calendar, decide exactly where to stay, research places to study the language, and then spend the money on the plane fare and rental property. Which Lisa did.

So, here it is January and Lisa is manifesting her vision. In her words, “It’s one thing to write it down and imagine it. I can’t get over the enormity of actually doing what I said I’ve always wanted to do.”

It sounds so simple, but Lisa’s experience tells the tale. She was nervous, excited and also emotional. It really is something when you are living your dreams and visions. She was an inspiration to each of us and also to herself.

Part of her commitment during her trip is to journal and/or blog. You can read about Lisa’s discoveries here. I laughed out loud when I read an earlier entry about the difficulties in getting around in Venice, particularly locating where her Italian lessons would be taking place. This picture says it all.

“This is not my school.”

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