My inspiring colleague did just that as an end of year exercise. Here are her (slightly edited) results–

2013: My Best Year Yet

  •  Guidelines
  • ·        Get to bed by 10PM
  • ·        Relax – stress doesn’t solve anything
  • ·        Remember my job is to feel good

New Paradigm: I know what I want, and am comfortable asking for it

Major focus:To be sure my voice is heard.

Top 10 goals

1.      8 hours of sleep per night
2.      Participate in at least 2 significant athletic events
3.      Create and implement a new business plan
4.      See/call/email one friend/family member per week
5.      Some creative activity every month
6.      Set aside 5% of income for home improvement
7.      Clean unfinished part of basement
8.      Promote additional services to existing clients
9.      Practice gratitude
10.  Attend and interact with inspirational guide

I complimented her on making it look so simple and straightforward. I know that this kind of simplicity and clarity represents a lot of behind-the-scenes activity. Here was her response:

I laughed every time I read in the book that all you have to do is sit down for 3 hours and knock it out. I had to keep going back to it repeatedly over the course of a couple weeks.
Here’s the beauty part–what resulted for her in 2012:
But I think the fact that I did this last year is a big part of why the phone has been ringing off the hook this year!
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