George Bernard Shaw

Before I post a quote I’ve heard, I check it out via google for exact wording and reference. This morning, it’s been a slippery slope that I am going to shortcut for the sake of getting this online.

I heard a quote, attributed to George Bernard Shaw, that hit home for me on this 11 degree morning in NYC–

The only decent climate is in bed.

Try finding those words in these days of global warming aka climate change. Call me lazy, but the sentiment of the expression was more important to me today than its origin, so here it is for your enjoyment.

I noticed what judgments went through my mind as I allowed myself the luxury of not getting it perfect. THEY‘ll think I’m a slacker. A smart, diligent blogger would go to any lengths to get this accurate. Who are you to use a quote you didn’t come across on your own?

Fortunately, I attended a meditation session last night led by Sharon Salzberg at Tibet House and got to practice lovingkindness. The first person she advised us to pray for was ourselves.

That’s my message today. Notice when you’re being hard on yourself. Give yourself permission, just this once, to be okay with not being perfect. What Sharon said was that it’s not actually the step of allowing yourself to be okay with what is, but the step before that when you first notice that you’re NOT being okay with it and have that moment of awareness that you have the ability to change this. That’s where lovingkindness begins to take a foothold in your life.

Actually, that’s the decent climate I’m looking for today.

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