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Jan 30, 2013

A Sign from the New York Times Columnist Thomas Friedman

a sign from God

Much of my journey as a Soul Proprietor has been directed by signs from the Universe that I’m going in the right direction. I believe in The Secret, the Law of Attraction and Earl Nightingale’s Strangest Secret. Each of these doctrines points to becoming what you think about. That we attract into our lives exactly what we are feeding our brains. If I am looking to buy a new car and want a Prius, every time I drive on the highway, I see more and more Priuses (Pri-i?).

Since coming up with the idea of starting my Soul Proprietor Community, I have seen multiple signs along the way–reading an interview in Oprah Magazine with Carolyn Myss, quotes from the latest Kripalu publication and in today’s Op-Ed column by Thomas Friedman in The New York Times. Their words reinforce the essence of what I am building and strengthen the foundation of my belief that this Community is vital for not only those who join, but for our world at large. Yeah, it’s THAT BIG!

As Friedman says in today’s article about our changing work environment:

The winners won’t just be those with more I.Q. It will also be those with more P.Q. (passion quotient) and C.Q. (curiosity quotient) to leverage all the new digital tools to not just find a job, but to invent one or reinvent one, and to not just learn but to relearn for a lifetime.

Our world is flatter than ever before. Everyone is connected via the Internet and cell phones. The work landscape has changed irreversibly. As Seth Godin says, “We’re all artists now.” We are each being called upon to ‘make it up’ as we go along–to differentiate ourselves from everyone else.

But where do you find the support for that? We’ve never been so connected yet so isolated in all of our history.

Several dozen women entrepreneurs have already signed up to forge our way together on this new frontier. I’m making it up too. But I’ve never felt bolder, more inspired or convinced that with each other, everything is possible. Join me! There’s still room. You will not miss a single second of this new connection with passionate, curious and intelligent women who are eager to invent, reinvent and continue learning.

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