Brian Bish – Social Media Architect

Social Media Architect Brian Bish addressed my Mastermind Intensive on Friday about the why’s and wherefore’s of social media. It was a convincing talk, and I’m seeing a good deal of activity among our members as a result.

Brian talked about the credibility of a strong web presence supported by a strong social media presence. I backed up this sentiment with a recent example. My new New York friend forwarded me an email invitation to a women’s conference (which shall remain nameless) in CT that she was considering.

Unconsciously, because it’s become second nature to me now, I googled the keynote speaker and went to her website to check her out. It was a nice site, but not a clear-cut draw for my attention.

Next, I went to amazon to see how her book, which was being heavily promoted on the conference and her websites, was ranked. Close to #2,000,000. Again, definitely NOT impressive.

Then I wanted to check out how many followers she had on twitter: 10  LinkedIn: 121

I know you can’t judge a book by its cover, but through all the visible channels where YOU can make yourself known and get seen, I want to be sure that the keynote speaker I go to hear will offer me something I don’t already have. There was little evidence of that happening in any of the marketing materials or Web 2.0 locations to tell me that story.

Jim Rohn used to say, “People shouldn’t judge you by how you look, but they do.” We could update that to say, “People shouldn’t judge you by your online presence, but they do.” Or at least I do when it comes to spending my precious resources like time and money.

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