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I’m happy to participate in my friend, Lynn Robinson’s blog tour. You can read our interview below. For more, head to Cynthia Sue Larson’s Reality Shifters blog for tomorrow’s post. Last Friday’s post can be found on Elizabeth Cassidy’s blog, My Views from the Edge. And of course all of the information about the tour is available at Lynn A. Robinson’s Gut Truster’s Blog.

Divine Intuition Q&A

Jane: I’m delighted to hear that you’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of your book, “Divine Intuition” with an updated and revised edition.

Lynn: Yes! The original book had become a classic in the field of intuition. It was published around the world in more than a dozen languages. The new book is called, “Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity” (Jossey-Bass, 2013.) I am so excited to have a chance to add new intuition techniques, inspirational quotes and many more ideas for people who want to learn to use their inner guidance to successfully navigate the many decisions we face in life!

Jane: You’ve had a successful business giving intuitive readings for over 25 yearsI How did you get started?

Lynn: I haven’t always been able to tap into the power of the inner guidance of intuition. In fact, it took me quite a while to figure out a career for myself. During my 20’s I worked in a number of non-profit organizations. In my early 30’s I worked as the Operations Manager of a software company.

I always wanted to be self-employed. I wanted to be my own boss, make my own hours and have some degree of financial independence. I certainly wanted to make more money than I was making in non-profit organizations. I started asking myself questions. I’m sure they’re similar to the ones that you ask YOUR clients! What is it that I love? What would my ideal work situation look like? What hobbies and interests do I have that I could make a living at? How much money would I like to make? I wrote all this down and came up with this list:

  • I like counseling people.
  • I like to study metaphysics and consciousness.
  • I’m a good listener.
  • I like to teach.
  • I want to work for myself.
  • I like to write.

I toyed with the idea of becoming a psychologist. I sent for some applications and went on a few interviews, but I felt very let down and disappointed. Everything felt heavy, as if there were no flow to it. I believe that intuition often speaks to us through feelings and body sensations. That sense of heaviness indicated to me that becoming a psychologist wasn’t a good decision.

Jane: That was quite a leap from psychologist and psychic! How did that happen?

Lynn: I had always been interested in metaphysics, intuition, spirituality, counseling and human potential. Being a psychic somehow summed up all those interests for me. I saw myself as being an encourager for my clients along with their hopes, dreams and callings. However, I was a little concerned about the negative stereotype of “Madame Eva” gazing into her crystal ball and announcing she saw “bad things in your future…”

I had taken classes on developing intuitive skills and had read many books on the topic of metaphysics. I decided to take a risk and began to give “mini-readings” to friends. Much to my surprise, they were astonished at the accuracy of my information. All of a sudden, my main concern became “How do I develop a psychic reading business?!” I joked that if God posted a “Psychic Reader Wanted” ad in the Boston Globe employment section, I’d apply. Barring that, I wasn’t sure where to begin.

Jane: I understand your business began in an incredibly unconventional way!

Lynn. Yes! I began to visualize a successful business. Every day I spent time imagining myself in a beautiful office, having an appointment book filled with clients and seeing my bank account growing! About a month into this process of manifesting my vision, a friend, who had been sick for a long time, died. As I walked into the room for his funeral service I heard a voice say, “Sit there! Sit there!” “There” was an empty seat next to a woman I didn’t know. I felt compelled to sit next to her.

At the end of the service the woman and I started talking and she asked me what I did for a living. Have you ever had one of those times when your brain doesn’t engage with your mouth? Despite the fact that in my current job I was an Operations Manager, I answered, “I’m a psychic.” I was alarmed. “Why had I answered this way?” “What would she think?!” To my surprise she was quite open and receptive. She then told me that she was a writer for the Boston Globe and would love to have a reading so she could write about it in her column.

The short version of the story is that I gave her a reading and she loved it! She wrote an article about it and I got 500 clients over the next few months. My business was launched!

My hope is that story will help your readers and clients to trust their own intuition in moving forward in what might be an unusual career idea! I believe that the Universe is on our side and wants us to succeed. When we listen to the wisdom of our intuition, we are being guided towards our greatest happiness and best job. Miracle sabound!

Jane: Can you offer us a quick technique from your book?

Lynn: Absolutely! My favorite is for anyone who is experiencing a sense of overwhelm. I suggest that you close your eyes, put your hand over your heart, breathe deeply and simply ask, “What’s my next right step?” Intuitive answers come in the form of images, feelings, physical sensations, quick insight or even a quiet inner voice. Open your eyes and begin to take action on the answer you receive. It’s a great technique for instant calm.

Jane: We’ve known each other a long time, and I’ve admired you and your business since our first encounter. I grow more inspired by you each time we connect. I love this quick technique and will use it myself. In fact, I intend to print it out and tape it to my computer so I can remember that the answers are simply a breath and awareness away. Thank you for this.

Lynn A. Robinson is a leading expert and best-selling author on the topic of intuition. She is also a professional speaker and intuitive consultant who teaches individuals and businesses how to use their untapped intuitive abilities to change their lives and grow their companies. She uses her own highly developed intuition to provide powerful, transformative insights for her clients. She has written seven books on intuition that have been published in more than a dozen languages. Her latest books are Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Psychic Intuition, 3rd Edition. Her popular Intuition Newsletter has become a must-read for thousands.

Be sure to check out the entire blog tour!  Head to Cynthia Sue Larson’s Reality Shifters blog for tomorrow’s post. Last Friday’s post can be found on Elizabeth Cassidy’s blog, My Views from the Edge.

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