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Mar 4, 2013

Sometimes You Don’t Even Have to Ask for a Sign


I concluded my Soul Proprietor Community call on Friday by giving the group the homework assignment to read (or listen to) the legendary Acres of Diamonds story first popularized by Russell Conwell a hundred years ago.

Every time I hear that true account, I’m re-invigorated to look at the gifts currently in my life and work harder to develop those rather than seeking unknown treasures which may be far afield. One year my mantra was “Mine what you have.”

Before I could send the links to my assistant to post on our private Community Facebook page, I received an email message with the subject: Acres of Diamonds – Reclaiming an Old Idea. If you read this linked story, you’ll see the immediate re-inforcement I received within 24 hours of my session that underscored the message I want to share.

“What an amazing coincidence!” I marveled. Until I had my “Doh!” moment when I realized I had to submit my email address to download the link for the pdf version.

You know, though, that even the simulation of a sign created the identical feeling in my body that it would have had it actually appeared in my inbox unsolicited. Our minds are that powerful. I’m choosing to stick with the positive, elated and uplifting sensation I felt in that moment–as a sign that I’m moving in the right direction–rather than dismiss it as a function of an auto-responder spewing out a message. As always, we get to choose our responses to everything.

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