It’s the day after the Women’s Summit at Bryant University where I was on a panel entitled Success Strategies for Creative Entrepreneurs. As much as I wanted to give back with this presentation, I was also there to be inspired and refueled, which I was, particularly by Arianna Huffington and Kay Koplovitz.

Here’s a brief taste before I transpose my notes over the weekend:

Arianna uses the phrase “the obnoxious roommate” to describe the voice that lives in her head. She describes those negative messages we all give ourselves in the guise of a gremlin or “roommate;” that voice, she says, is more draining than actually doing the work. Her own voice has become strong, she said, because she began practices like getting a full night’s sleep and meditating. “Now the ‘roommate’ only makes guest appearances.”

“Only make new mistakes,” she urged us. Most women want a guarantee of success, but she recommended giving up the idea of perfection. It is not of this world.

More to come…

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