A member of my Soul Proprietor Coaching Program reminded of an issue that all entrepreneurs face: keeping our pipelines flowing. That is, continuously putting in time and energy to nurture prospects while serving current clients.

This is not always easy, nor top priority when you’re busy.

In fact, sometimes you completely forget about it until you’re high and dry after your active clients complete with you. Since referrals, versus SEO or speaking events, are her major source of getting new business, I challenged her to go through her Rolodex, select four colleagues whom she’d enjoy reconnecting with, and invite each of them, individually, for a lunch date.

When you’re out and about, talking about what you do and listening closely to what your companion’s needs and desires are, magic happens. Not necessarily in a direct business lead or referral, but my moving your energy around out in the world. This may sound woo-woo, but it works.

Of course, I can’t give a homework assignment like this without self-examination. How am I doing with my pipeline? To be honest, since moving to NYC five months ago, I have not done much. So, here’s my commitment. For the next 30 days, I will spend 3 hours per week on LinkedIn.

I’ve tried a couple of networks here in the city and found myself shrinking back from the “Hi, what do you do?” – type connections these foster.

But I’ve noticed how tickled I am almost daily to receive those ubiquitous invitations from colleagues and acquaintances asking to link in with me. I’ve never done anything with this large accumulation of connections (close to a thousand) and was inspired by my member’s high energy level having done her assignment of getting together with several people last month.

I’m not exactly sure what results this commitment will yield, but I’m excited to delve into this social medium where so many have found great success.

Anyone want to join me on this 30-day challenge?

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