CHA handshake

As promised, I devoted over an hour today to working my LinkedIn network. First I answered the questions that popped up when I went to my profile, which took about 10 minutes. My profile is complete.  I’m happy with it and ready to move on from this starting point.

A pop-up on the site asked me if I wanted to connect with some 700+ folks who must’ve at some time or another emailed me. I was familiar with over 1/2 the names, but not interested in connecting with all of them. I selected about 200 from the list and sent out the automatic invitations from the site to those parties. I’ve already been accepted by 60 today.

Tomorrow I will write a personal note to each person who accepted my LinkedIn offer and spend time seeing what they’re up to.

I’m actually attending a live event in the city tomorrow, so I will have a comparative experience and see which feels like where I want to spend my time.

I feel excited to be undertaking this experiment in collecting comparative networking data and tracking where I have greater enjoyment and success. I feel optimistic and engaged in the process of exploration.

Has anyone else dug in too?

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