pigeonI put in my second hour this week towards my committed 3 hours a week dedicated to working LinkedIn. What’s different now than ever before is my attitude. I really want to do this. It’s no longer, “I know I should…” I want to!

I created a folder in Outlook for all email messages having to do with my new connections. I’d moved about 5 dozen postings there as responses came back to me after sending out invitations to connect.

Today, I went through that folder, read profiles, gave testimonials and sent messages to several beloved colleagues and friends.

I expect that in short order I’ll just go onto the LI site and read everything there, but for now, I’m doing it the way I know best. It may appear cumbersome to those of you in the know. Trust me, this is how I operate. Tortoise style. I know my own behavior all too well. I’ve learned to respect my pace and honor my perseverance. It works for me in the long run.

There was discernment involved. If the person’s profile had no photo and little content, I passed over connecting further. (It is Passover y’know.) That’s a clear indicator that s/he isn’t working the site. No judgment, but no need to delve further.

Or, if they had fewer than 250 links, I made a similar decision. I want to participate in this network with those equally committed.  As I would any network that I joined. There used to be people who joined EWN just to have their name show up in the directory. I need more than that to do business with someone and to refer them to others. Showing up, in person or online, is a critical part of the equation and relationship.

I believe I’ve already gotten some business, though it’d be hard to track it directly. Since I reached out to colleagues starting on Monday, I received a message from a friend of one of those people asking for coaching. It might have been coincidence, but prefer to think that my action prompted this response.

It’s like the pigeon pecking the bar and receiving a pellet of positive reinforcement. This increased opportunity and activity is all I need to keep up the new behavior.

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