dozen eggs

I’m a big proponent of the saying, “What you focus on grows.” Meaning that whether it’s your business, your health or your family, where you put your time and attention will yield significant change and growth.

Then I thought of a vivid illustration that begs the question in a less than savory way…

During my egg decorating days I used to keep cartons of old eggs in the basement. They were usually the ones I’d worked on and wasn’t happy with. I stopped that practice after opening up one of the stored cartons and got an unwelcome surprise. I gasped when I saw what was inside–an infestation of maggots crawling all over my eggs.

The eggs that I was currently working on, those that I liked and thought had potential, were kept in my studio upstairs–open to the light of day. They were handled frequently, moved from carton to carton in preparation for being exhibited and sold at a craft show. These ‘good’ eggs were ultimately processed by being drained of their insides and dried out in the oven to prevent any goop from deterring a potential customer. flax cover minus type

The contrast of these two environments made me think about that reality as metaphor. What happens to the ideas, relationships and projects that I tuck away and ignore? Versus the ideas, relationships and projects that I give my full attention to, handle and visualize great things for?

The answer is obvious.

We need to decide where to focus our energies and resources and to stay mindful of the consequences of not paying attention.

Sometimes what you don’t focus on can grow too, only not in the way you’d like.

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