Please Read the Fine Print

I just received an email invitation to be part of THE NEXT BIG THING. Gotten any of those lately in your inbox? How do you tell what’s real, worthwhile and in your sweet spot? My first turn-off was that the sender called me Janey. There are 4 people in my life...

Misplaced Anger

I have no reason to be annoyed with my alma mater, but must’ve been yesterday if my attitude was any reflection. There was a request for input from alumnae with experience in the area of substance abuse and recovery–one of my favorite subjects. I thought...

Overheard at an Interns Reception

There seem to be a lot of new normals out there these days. No matter which generation you’re viewing the enormous technological changes from, in particular, they can be disconcerting. I was having coffee with a friend at the David Rubenstein Atrium, an indoor...


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